Process & Materials



For maximum durability, many bags feature 18oz. water resistant cotton canvas, which provides structure while allowing the bags to function from casual to business effortlessly. The canvas is not coated in wax like many other water resistant bags, so you don’t have to worry about substances rubbing off on your clothes. The power of the canvas lies in its tight weave, making it very difficult for moisture to pass through. It is a great trick to see how water just rolls off. Note that this material is not "waterproof" but resistant. This fabric holds its shape well, which makes it difficult for wrinkles to hold.  



In order to ensure the bags live up to the strenuous aspects of travel, genuine cowhide leather is used for both aesthetics and toughness. Leather is delivered to the studio in either half or whole hides, where they are then cut into the various pattern shapes for the bags. Many hides have imperfections such as branding marks, tears, and various scars. These are avoided in order to have a smooth transition between all aspects of the bags.

Some products such as the wallets are made with vegetable tanned hides. These hides, unlike those used for larger bags, are tanned using natural materials and barks. These hides are naturally a light tan and only need oil and a finishing sealant, which is applied in house for each product. Vegetable tanned leather ages beautifully and uniquely for each customer, making no two products alike. For variety, stains can be applied to achieve various colors and shades. Black stained products are produced with a very special technique that is centuries old. By dissolving steel wool in vinegar over several weeks, a solution is produced that once applied to the leather, instantly turns the hide black. Black dye for vegetable tanned leather is notorious for rubbing off, however this method ensures that the leather stays black without the fear of the color coming off on other surfaces. 

A special group of products feature exotic hides. These hides are produced by hand in a small tannery in Southern Florida. Every cowhide is hand embossed, able to resemble crocodile, alligator, python, etc.